Issue 97 - October/November 2023  
On Sale Thursday 12th October 2023

El Nino is back! The West Coast has been copping a pasting and we’ve had a dry and windy month on the East Coast so looks like we’re going to get a windy spring which we haven’t had for a few years.

The dust storms in the silt covered East Coast have been horrendous over the last few weeks. We’ve managed to get away from cyclone recovery long enough to film a couple of episodes for the TV Show before the stags dropped their antlers which was a bit of a relief!

The WARO land schedule issue has not been resolved, and it looks like the concessions people in the Department are not going to rethink their position. This really does look like just another case of ideology and process driven bloody mindedness by some bureaucrats. This should have been addressed as part of overall deer management and the Te Ara ki Mua adaptive manageme... read more »

In this issue:

            • The GAC news – including a summary of the new Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research paper
            • The Infamous La Perouse, a behind-the-scenes look at the NZ Hunter expedition into the Cook
            • So you want to...

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