Issue 81 - Feb/Mar 2021 
On Sale Mon 1st Feb 2021

Starting off with the good news, we have been flat out filming and editing the last few episodes of the new season of the TV Show due to go to air on February the 17th.

Despite the Covid restrictions limiting our roar hunts to private land, since then we have managed to complete some amazing expeditions and seen some amazing country and animals. I promise you your Wednesday nights will be busy watching TVNZs Duke channel for some time!

The process for compiling the tahr control operational plan for 1 July 2021 to 30th June 2022 is still ongoing. The next TPILG meeting is scheduled for the 16th March and we should have more information on the shape of the control plan following that meeting. There is no more culling inside the tahr management units to be done until that plan is fi... read more »

In this issue:

  • Main Divide Beauty – Harry Graham-Samson’s incredible stag
  • Josh Morgan’s West Coast War of Attrition
  • My NZ Hunter Rifle Build – Part Two – Luke Care
  • NZ Hunter Roar Tips
  • Kaweak Scrub Country by Liam Schlierike
  • A New Approach for G...


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