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You are here: Issue 45 - Feb / Mar 2015   

Issue 45 - Feb / Mar 2015

The temperature is well in the 30s as I write this and it’s hard to imagine the roar is just round the corner!

Anyone with a Wapiti ballot, especially first period, will be getting on with the planning of their expedition. Even Red and Sika roar plans will be will underway for some of you more organised hunters. We have got the Whitewater first period in the bugle this year, so will be taking our cameras on another Fiordland expedition. That leaves us plenty of time for the Red and Sika roars too. Hopefully we’ll get some more great footage to show you all in series two of NZ Hunter Adventures.

There’s still plenty of meat gathering yet to do this summer, with February being one of the best months to put fat venison in the freezer. We’ve just come back from an east to west while traversing south, crossing of the central Ruahines. We tend to forget what awesome country we have in the heart of some of our North Island ranges, and you don’t always have to go south to get into ‘Big Country’! We gathered some prime venison along the way, and filmed another great episode to boot.

This issue we have the first article from one of our country’s keenest waterfowlers – Hunter Morrow. And Paul Michel’s starts a mini-series on the ever popular topic - deer dogs.

The Roar issue leads of with...

  • Steve’s big Canterbury 12 pointer
  • Josh’s 185 DS Sika
  • Big Nige’s neat yarn about tracking a lost Whitetail buck with a blowfly!
  • A captivating deer, tahr and chamois interlude on the West Coast tops
  • Where, when and how for Red stags in the roar
  • Murray’s big Ruahine 14 pointer
  • Get your rifle ready for the roar
  • A Northwest Nelson Chamois adventure!
  • King Country Roars part 2
  • Johnny tells you how to get closer!
  • Deer Dogs Part 1
  • Advanced handloading – powder dispensing
  • The release – Simon’s bow shot execution
  • Girls can do it – Greig’s pathways for hunters
  • Stinging nettle/ongaonga – know your bush
  • Waterfowler – Hunter Morrow
  • Its got to be tomorrow! – goose hunting with Paul
  • The GAC – 1080 drop on the Wakatipu Whitetail

We Evaluate:

  • Tikka T3 Compact youth model in 223
  • Benchmade semi custom knives

Spot the Logo Competition Winners

The winners for “Spot the Logo” competition in Issue 44 are Richard Morton and Chris Field. The logos were in the Grisport ad on page 21 and the Kilwell ad on page 67. 

This issue is jam packed full of awe-inspiring reading, just the sort of thing to put you in the right frame of mind for some big expeditions in the coming months!

Don’t forget to tune into the TV Show in March, as that also should wet your whistle for your own roar adventures! (See the TV Show section on here)

The best of hunter’s luck for the roar ahead!


Greg Duley, Editor, NZ HUNTER magazine

Issue 45 - Feb / Mar 2015

Issue 45 - Feb / Mar 2015Issue 45 - Feb / Mar 2015
Issue 45 - Feb / Mar 2015Issue 45 - Feb / Mar 2015
Issue 45 - Feb / Mar 2015Issue 45 - Feb / Mar 2015
Issue 45 - Feb / Mar 2015Issue 45 - Feb / Mar 2015
Issue 45 - Feb / Mar 2015Issue 45 - Feb / Mar 2015
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