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ISSUE 47 - On Sale Mon 8th June

An era has come to an end. We had to put poor old Elsa down in early May this year, aged 10 and a half years old.

She had been a truly amazing dog for the last ten years, very reliable, capable, obedient, hardworking, and extremely photogenic! I hate to think how many ducks and geese she’s retrieved, and deer she’s tracked over the years. Her wise old head and leading by example has done a great job of teaching young dogs, and it is very sad she didn’t last another year to pass on her wisdom to our new batch of Chessie pups. She was going so strong up until she got cancer early this year that we thought she was going to go on for ever, but alas, it was not to be.

We buried her under the stone fruit trees in the front paddock, where she used to wander down for her breakfast every morning we weren’t in the hills in her latter years. She had earned the right to live on the loose, sleeping on the veranda and never straying from the garden except for her forays after plums for breakfast. Elsa old girl, you were truly one of the family, and will be sadly missed.

This issue we have...

  • Grandad’s 14 inch bull
  • Stag-o-saurus – a 16 pointer from the King Country 
  • Winter Red stags how-to and a unique Poulter stag
  • Kaweka winter 8 pointer 
  • Chamois bonanza
  • “Where the hell are we” part one - bush sense 
  • Two eights in 48 hours
  • Winter tahr hunting - Crampon and ice-axe how-to
  • Deer dogs Part 3
  • Simon’s Bow series - Execution – the end game

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The other thing that has come to an end is the first series of our NZ Hunter Adventures TV Show.

The huge amount of positive feedback we’ve received has been truly humbling, and we’re well into filming episodes for series two now. What we would like though is some feedback on which episodes you enjoyed the most, so we know what to concentrate our filming on for the future.

UPDATE: Check the NZHunterAdventures.co.nz website right now to participate in our viewer survey - have your say about what hunts we do for series two!

If you missed a live episode you can try catch up on the Choice TV On Demand page - http://www.choicetv.co.nz/on-demand  

Winners of the 33rd SPOT the LOGO Competition are…


The winners of last issues Spot the Logo were Fay Happer and Jeff Knight. The logos were in the Winchester Super X ad on page 21, and the Heli-Hire ad on page 100. There’s a new logo competition in ISSUE 47 - To find out how the Logo..

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Latest Subscription Winners + New Draw released in Issue 46


We’ve drawn the latest subscription prize draw and the winners were Robert Howie from Christchurch – who won a helicopter flight with HeliSika to the value of $1200 Kerry Harland from Hornby – who won a Burris Full Fi..

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Recipe - AS SEEN ON TV

Crispy Duck McNuggets


Download articles from our How To's Archive 

20 Tahr rut Hunting Tips


Decoy Painting for Dummies


Tahr & Chamois Evaluation


Click here to find more How To's in the 'Hunting Resources' section

NZ Hunter Hunting Calendars now available on the website

You'll be happy to know that we have started uploading the Hunting Calendars that we published in previous editions of the magazine.  

Hunt Calendar


Hunt Calendar


Hunt Calendar


Click here to find all 6 calendars in the 'Hunting Resources' section

Understanding Optics


We’ve decided to put a guide to understanding optics on the website, due to room constraints in the magazine. Optics reviews by nature cover some fairly technical stuff that requires quite a bit of explanation to anyone reading one fo..

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Rock and Roll DVD

DVD Released:
GET AMONGST IT - Big Game Hunting

This is a three and a half hour film of big game hunting on public land all over New Zealand.

It follows the NZ Hunter Crew through a whole year of big game hunting, starting in Spring, then Summer, the Wapiti Bugle in Fiordland, the Red and Sika Roar, Bowhunting in the Roar, and finally Tahr hunting.

By using the latest double layer technology, we’ve been able to get the equivalent playing time of 2 DVD’s onto one disc – like getting 2 for the price of one!

Buy one!

Also still available "Rock & Roll", NZ Hunter’s Kiwi Duck and Goose Hunting DVD

Rock and Roll DVD

DVD Released: 

Rock & Roll - Kiwi duck and goose hunting at its best!

Hunting – It’s not a hobby for the NZHUNTER team, it’s a way of life!

Join us for 1 ¾ hours of hard out waterfowl hunting in New Zealand’s North and South Islands.Follow us on a variety of duck and goose hunts over both land and water, and have a laugh with us along the way.


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"Spot the Logo" Competition Continues!

In Issue 47 we continue the popular Spot the logo competition - Simply spot the NZ Hunter Duck & Stag logo cleverly hidden in two adverts somewhere within the magazine, then email us at comp34@nzhunter.co.nz and tell us exactly which pages and adverts you spotted them in.

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