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Map 1 - Issue 36 (from page 103)
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You are here: Issue 34 - Apr May 2013   

Issue 34 - Apr May 2013

We’re just back from Wapiti country and we got some great photos and video footage this year.

It’s interesting to read in Dan’s ‘Sika in the Kawekas’ stuff that the stags don’t do what we all thought they did over the roar. There is some real gold in Dan’s information, so make sure you put it to good use this roar.

This issue we have:

  • First up we have Part 2 of Scott’s big 15 point Red stag story
  • Sam’s 8 pointer from the manuka
  • Emma’s big bull tahr
  • Family Fallow success
  • Paul talks Bush Stalking Tactics part 2
  • Richie starts the story of his journey as a student hunter
  • Dave is back with the next instalment of his practical field shooting series
  • Rob takes us on another historical hunting journey of “The Great Green Greasy” – the Whitcombe River
  • Esben and Ulrik get their tahr!
  • Matt covers gamebirds in his photography series
  • The Big Three – Roy’s tale of a classic competition down south
  • Johnny talks Deer Dogs part 3
  • Young James hunts the Ureweras
  • The Back Ridge Butcher makes Pate´
  • Greig discusses our role as unnatural predators
  • I visit Norma Precision in Sweden
  • Carol talks shot placement
  • Dan tells us what the Sika stags get up to in the roar
  • Andrew tells us about the transformation of a coastal lake waterfowling possie
  • Dairy farm ducks – Paul tells us how to hunt them
  • Teresa runs us through what we should be doing with our duck dogs leading up to the season
  • We have 50 Quick Waterfowling tips from all of us here at NZ Hunter
  • Pimp your Ute – we start a new mini series on turning a double cab ute into the ultimate hunting truck
  • Richard does a duck quickie for opening weekend


We evaluate...

  • Vortex scopes
  • Remington’s Versamax Sportsman
  • Beretta’s A300 Xtrema

Thanks also to all those who answered our issue 33 online article survey. We are still asking for feedback on the size and cost of the magazine, and to encourage more readers to participate, we’re offering a prize. All those who do the simple little survey and provide us an email address will go into the draw for a prize.

We want to know what you thought of having the extra 20% to read in the Christmas issue, with the commensurate price increase to cover the extra cost. Do you want to pay $12 and have the larger magazine to read, or would you prefer to keep the price at $10 and stick with the number of pages we’ve been producing so far? This information will help us make decisions for the future direction of the magazine.

The reader’s photo web page is very popular and going well. Keep voting for the pics you like the best and the one with the most votes each issue period will win the prize. Any pic, whether it’s been on the website for days or months is eligible, it just needs to get the most votes in that two month period.

The video page is up and running now as well after a few teething problems. There are some good videos starting to appear now, with Esben and Ulrik’s awesome Red stag hunt up there now. So keep getting your best pics and vids up there, and voting for the ones you like best, and next issue the winner could be you!

Prize Winners...

The Spot the Logo winners this time were Travis Lewis and Justin Wray. They were in the Trophy Roaring Horn ad on page 9 and the Moultrie ad on page 79.

The subs prize winners this time were Callum Sutherland, Robert Le Brun and Gabriale Ratcliffe

Well that’s about it from me, so get out and chase those Reds that are just starting to roar. Then we’ve got Sika and Fallow, and with waterfowl season starting very soon too it’s a great time to be a hunter!


Greg Duley, Editor, NZ HUNTER magazine

Issue 34 - Apr May 2013

Issue 34 - Apr May 2013Issue 34 - Apr May 2013
Issue 34 - Apr May 2013Issue 34 - Apr May 2013
Issue 34 - Apr May 2013Issue 34 - Apr May 2013
Issue 34 - Apr May 2013Issue 34 - Apr May 2013
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