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Map 1 - Issue 36 (from page 103)
Map 2 - Issue 36 (page104)
You are here: Issue 33 - Feb Mar 2013   

Issue 33 - Feb Mar 2013

As I write this the Reds aren’t far away from being in hard antler, so we’ll be heading south to explore some more Southern Alps big stag country.

Hopefully the Waro boys have left us a big stag somewhere… And then we’re on the count down to the roar! I actually won a Wapiti block this year, the first for a long time, so for a change I won’t be a tag along.

It’s been a windy beggar of a summer this year with few good days to be on the tops. It’s interesting to read in Dan’s ‘Sika in the Kawekas’ stuff that the stags aren’t in exactly the same places every summer? It almost seems like they’re rotationally grazing their summer mountain pastures from year to year. The good news is that all Sika are spending longer in the open in February and March, so that’s means they’re more accessible to hunters.

As you’ll see, didn’t the Danish boys do well! Those are a couple of beauty stags taken in real wild country so well done Esben and Ulrik! I don’t think we’ve heard the last from those boys just yet – watch this space! It’s also great to still see big Sika still coming out of the heavily hunted Clements Road area. It certainly adds weight to Cam Speedy’s theory that you don’t need lots of hinds to produce big stags. And we’ve got a ripper two-parter from Scott Giltrap - this issue is really just a tease of what’s to come. I have a feeling you’ll be able to guess what’s going to happen in part 2!

I’m putting in an apology for Dave Jones again this issue. He’s been too busy to finish the photographs for part 4 of his series on field marksmanship, so you’ll have to wait till next issue for that. Nobody else has been wagging school over the holidays though, so there’s plenty to read for all.

This issue we have:

  • First up Ulrik and Esben and their 14 and 12 pointers!
  • Robert’s big 8 pointer from Clements
  • Simon’s big West Coast expedition for trophy tahr!
  • NZ Hunter’s 50 top roar tips! These little gems from the whole NZ Hunter team might make the difference to your success this roar!
  • Affordable scopes – head to head – I put a full range of entry level scopes through their paces
  • Don hunts the Lugar Burn for Wapiti
  • Scott’s South Island Journey’s part 1
  • The propeller Stag by the BRB
  • Matt photographs big game animals Part 2
  • Big bull tahr by bow!
  • Bush Stalking part 1 – the gear
  • The One Stop Wapiti Shop – Expedition trip raincoats
  • Johnnie’s deer dogs Part 2
  • Georgia gets her first
  • Blink - Grieg delves into the hunter and hunted’s sixth sense
  • Sika – Dan tells us what they’re up to this month
  • Marking the bird part 2 – Teresa rounds off training techniques for this important task
  • Paul talks us through the latest technique in duck decoys to give you the edge this season!
  • Garry gives us an update on the GAC and some other topical issues
  • Richard goes Italian with a Hare pizza!


We evaluate...

  • Leupold’s 3-18x44 and 50mm VX6’s – at last!!!
  • Power your smart phone in the hills – the Solarmonkey Adventurer
  • Petzl’s headlamps
  • Tikka’s get a fluted barrel – the Hunter Stainless Fluted

Thanks also to all those who answered our issue 32 article survey. Now we want to know what you thought of having an extra 20% to read with the commensurate price increase to cover the extra cost. Do you want to pay $12 and have the larger magazine, or would you prefer to keep the price at $10 and stick with the number of pages we’ve been producing so far? This information will help us make decisions for the future direction of the magazine. Click here to participate in the latest survey

The reader’s photo web page is very popular and going well. We had some issues with the on-line voting software so we’ve given the judge’s job this first time to Tightlines, the prize sponsors. They have chosen the best from each of the following categories - live animal, scenery and hero shot. Each of the winners will receive a LED Lensor headlamp – thanks Tightlines! The winners are Cameron Byron, Jason Goodyer and Steve Mahar. The software will be operational from now on, so keep voting for the pics you like the best and the one with the most votes each issue period will win the prize. Any pic, whether it’s been on the website for days or months is eligible, it just needs to get the most votes in that two month period.

The video page is up and running now as well after a few teething problems. We won’t be awarding the one with the most votes for the last issue a prize as it was me! But there are some good videos starting to appear now, and Mathieu’s one in particularly is well put together with some neat transitions. So keep getting your best pics and vids up there, and voting for the ones you like best, and next issue it could be you!

We had a lot of competitions in the last issue, some of which are still running. The "Spot the Logo" winners this time were Bruce Maslin and Tony Higgins. They were in the Mossberg ad on page 19 and the Ruger advert on page 121. We have even more competitions this issue, with a couple of goodies from Stoney Creek and AJ Productions – check them out!

Well that’s about it from me, so get out in the hills and make the most of the end of summer and beginning of autumn as we wind up for the Roar. We certainly have been, but you’ll have to wait for future issues to read about that!


Greg Duley, Editor, NZ HUNTER magazine

Issue 33 - Feb Mar 2013

Issue 33 - Feb Mar 2013Issue 33 - Feb Mar 2013
Issue 33 - Feb Mar 2013Issue 33 - Feb Mar 2013
Issue 33 - Feb Mar 2013Issue 33 - Feb Mar 2013
Issue 33 - Feb Mar 2013Issue 33 - Feb Mar 2013
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