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Tightlines Video Gallery


At last we’ve figured a way that you guys, the readers can choose the winning videos each issue.

We are now running the competition concurrently on here and on our Facebook page. The best videos you post up here on the website will be copied over to our Facebook page, and then we’ll use the like system over there to choose the winners. The advantage of Facebook’s likes is that you can only vote once, which was the problem we couldn’t get around here.

So upload your videos on our website, and if yours is chosen for facebook fame, simply get your friends liking them on our Facebook page and you could win the prize from our sponsors Tighlines!”


spot x

Part of a father/son hunt Waioeka area. Rifle - Ruger Hawkeye in .270. Distance 261 yards. Rugers 3 position safety had him puzzled for a while!

Video Credit:  Len Penniall
Uploaded by:
  Len Penniall


Chamois Hunt

First chamois trip for all the boys up rainbow station.

Video Credit:  Chris Burton
Uploaded by:
  Chris Burton


Winter hunt

Hunting in the Te Ureweras.

Video Credit:  Steve Anderson
Uploaded by:
  anderson stephen


Don't mess with my tutu tutu

Summer Kaweka hunt

Video Credit:  Me
Uploaded by:
  Heath Faulknor


Got Milk??

Short vid from a March sika hunt

Video Credit:  Me
Uploaded by:
  Heath Faulknor


public land hunting

few ducks and bull tahr

Video Credit:  s caley
Uploaded by:
  sam caley


Matt and Pete's roar trip 2014

Matt and Pete in the Wanaka Roar blocks 2014. Deer numbers were very low unfortunately but it beat being at work. This was the third time I'd been in this catchment but the first time i haven't seen deer. Just a few of the local Chamois. WARO has clearly put a dent in the deer population in the last 3-4 years which was very disheartening.

Video Credit:  Matt Tangney.
Uploaded by:
  Matt Tangney


Thar hunting

Hunting thar in the whataroa, April, 2014

Video Credit:  Shanan Harrington
Uploaded by:
  Shanan Harrington


2013 Tahr hunt nz first ever tahr hunt!

this was our very first tahr hunt, got a lead of a good spot and came out with our hands full

Video Credit:  Alex Jelfs-Hall
Uploaded by:
  Alex Jelfs-Hall


Tahr Double!

Getting in close on a group of bulls... To happy Danes shoots there first bulls ever!

Video Credit:  Esben Madsen
Uploaded by:
  Esben Madsen


Bow hunting Sika

Hunting Sika i the high country of the Kaimanawas.

Video Credit:  Laurids and Esben Madsen
Uploaded by:
  Esben Madsen


NZ hunting mix

A short teaser for coming videos

Video Credit:  Esben Madsen
Uploaded by:
  Esben Madsen



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