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You are here: Issue 64 - Apr/May 2018   

Issue 64 - Apr/May 2018

From the time our game animals were first introduced they have had very much a roller coaster ride of competing interests. The heyday of those early magnificent trophies quickly became overshadowed as animal numbers got out of control. Enter the government cullers. Then someone had the bright idea that these animals had a commercial value. First it was ground shooting for skins, then for meat, ferried out by all manner of means including fixed winged aircraft followed by helicopters. Then the aerial helicopter shooter emerged which changed the odds hugely. All semblance of any game management disappeared.

The casualty of this feeding frenzy was the quality of our game animal herds. This has continued ‘till the present day as a boom and bust industry only dependent on the market price for meat and velvet. The problem is we need an annual harvest of animals each year for both game management and conservation reasons, and aerial helicopter shooting is the only timely and cost effective way of getting animals/lowering numbers in the remotest parts of the country. Hopefully you’ve seen the recent press release from the GAC. They will conduct a review of how best to establish and manage WARO to identify whether there are opportunities to improve industry sustainability and recreation and conservation outcomes. All hunters need to support the GAC and participate in this review to see if we can finally resolve the conflicts of the past, for the good of our game animal herds. (For more information on this see article page 60)

This issue we have...  

  • Otago Horseback Hunting
  • A big Fallow buck from the Caples
  • Roaring Reds from the Southern Alps to Te Uruwera
  • The Aussie Battler - trans-tasman relations and Sika hunting
  • Beginners Luck – Connor Spencer’s introduction to Sika
  • Mates and Multi-day Adventures by Luke from PointsSouth
  • Preparing for your Mountain Hunt by Joseph Peter
  • Camera Focussing Points – Matt Winter
  • The Bare Bones 4wd equipment you need
  • Greg outlines the value of WARO
  • Johnny continues the Trapping series
  • The Explorer Hut – the next in the remote huts series
  • Re-Learning Paddock Hunting basics with Paul Stenning
  • Hunter Morrows shares his ‘why’

Test Fires: We Evaluate...

  • Zeiss Conquest 3-18x50mm scope
  • Tatonka Kiruna tent
  • Powertraveller Extreme – solar charger and power bank
  • Firstlite SEAK rain jacket
  • Anshutz Model 1727F in 22LR


Issue 64 - Apr/May 2018

Issue 64 - Apr/May 2018Issue 64 - Apr/May 2018
Issue 64 - Apr/May 2018Issue 64 - Apr/May 2018
Issue 64 - Apr/May 2018Issue 64 - Apr/May 2018
Issue 64 - Apr/May 2018Issue 64 - Apr/May 2018
Issue 64 - Apr/May 2018Issue 64 - Apr/May 2018
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