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Map 1 - Issue 36 (from page 103)
Map 2 - Issue 36 (page104)
You are here: Issue 31 - Oct Nov 2012   

Issue 31 - Oct Nov 2012

Spring is here in the low country but still a good month or so away at higher altitudes. But don’t be surprised to find deer right up at the snow line.

Have a look at Dan Herries update on what the collared Sika got up to this time of year. There is some real gold in this info, so read it carefully and make the most of it when planning your spring hunting! Conversely bull tahr are on their way down and can be found lower and lower as spring progresses, so now is a great time of year to target a trophy bull if you’re not keen on heights. Their bleached manes while looking great will start thinning out soon though, so don’t leave it too long or you’ll miss out on that magnificent cape. The older bulls moult first – see my 14 incher on page 17 this issue verses Willie’s 12.5 on page 16.

This issue we have further comment on Mike Spray’s “Are you a fit and proper person” story. This again is a must read with comment from a lawyer and a policeman who both regularly have to deal with these issues. There are some really important lessons to be learnt here, especially about our relationships with our wives/husbands/partners!

We have been trialling some changes to our website over the last month or so and will be introducing more in the next few weeks. The reader’s photo page is up and running and the video will be shortly. We’ll be offering a prize each issue for the pic and vid with the most votes. There is also a rating system where you give all the articles in the latest issue from one to five stars depending on what you thought of them. This feedback will help us immensely deciding future direction for the magazine, so please take the time to do this. We will be starting a questions and answers forum so we can get some discussion going around some of the topics that we get lots of questions about. It will allow us to draw on a wider experience than just ours, so again, join in here if you feel you have something to contribute.

This issue we have:

  • Khan’s Waipakihi trophy Sika stag wanderings
  • My 14 inch bull with a Lunatic
  • Cody’s Rusa stag by bow
  • The 338 Ninja, Kelly’s sometimes silent but deadly medicine
  • Roger’s massive Grizzly
  • Roy shows us some wonderful Wapiti in Fiordland this year
  • Warren’s Dark River prelude
  • Paul tells us how to hunt trophy Rusa
  • Matt snaps birds
  • Johnny’s 40 top hunting tips
  • A first stag at last for Tara!
  • Look after your meat and a Kaweka hunting yarn from the BRB
  • Mike has another angle on “Are you a fit and proper person?”
  • Alex McConochie, legendary deerstalker
  • Grieg interviews Shaun Moloney – well known anti heli-hunting campaigner
  • Teresa talks “Persistent hunting”
  • What the Sika got up to in October/November
  • Hunting Aotearoa
  • Carol sorts arrows
  • Radio tracked tahr


We evaluate...

  • Leica’s 1600-B for Ballistic
  • Bushnell’s Elite and Legend Binos
  • Federal Trophy Copper ammunition
  • Yukon Night Vision optics
With this issue at the printers its time to go bush!


Greg Duley, Editor, NZ HUNTER magazine

Issue 31 - Oct Nov 2012

Issue 31 - Oct Nov 2012Issue 31 - Oct Nov 2012
Issue 31 - Oct Nov 2012Issue 31 - Oct Nov 2012
Issue 31 - Oct Nov 2012Issue 31 - Oct Nov 2012
Issue 31 - Oct Nov 2012Issue 31 - Oct Nov 2012
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